Spare Part

we offer a full range of parts to support silverline product, as well as supporting other water product including AGM


Water Product

Ortego designs and manufactures premium Silverline water solutions for the construction and mining industries.



Ortego offers support for all Silverline water solutions and parts.


  • SVL C9.5L

    Tank capacity 9,500 liters, Pneumatic operation, Self-loading, Monocoque structure. Lightweight structure with full functions of water spray. Programmable spray pattern.

  • SVL A30L

    Tank capacity 30,000 liters, 8mm plate, (pin-on tank) to be mounted to the existing pivot pins. Two storage compartments mounted on front sections. Patent structure design (Horizontal baffles with doors access and check valves). Removable roof for service. Hydraulic driven centrifugal pump with stainless steel impeller. Camera and monitor in cabin to view stand pipe filler. Programmable spray pattern. Auto cut out of hydraulic system to prevent further damage.



  • SVL A40LN

    • A40LN water wagon, the safest, most rugged and durable watering equipment specifically designed to maneuver through the toughest jobsite conditions.

      The patented uni-body design, along with the 6-wheel drive and 4-wheel braking system, significantly increases the Static Roll Threshold (SRT) making it one of the safest of all products in the water business today.  The unique vertical and horizontal baffles, featuring one-way check valves, create 20 separate compartments and prevents water surge within the empty portion of the tank.